When You Give to or Help Others Who Are Less Fortunate, Everyone Benefits, including Yourself

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta)

A person who is generous of spirit is generally considered a magnanimous person, high-minded, fair, noble, big and worthy. That is where it begins, it’s more than the actions a person does. It is a state of being. People who are generous spirits tend to extend to others what they want for themselves, and are truly happy for others.

Generosity of spirit is the openness and willingness to share our own ‘gifts’ freely with others, in a joyous and willing manner without expectation of receiving anything in return. Generosity of spirit is created through respect, compassion and empathy for others. It involves experiencing and celebrating that which is important to another person.

When we do this, we generate abundance and increase prosperity. This helps us make a difference and transform situations, lead by example, share our wisdom and knowledge for the benefit of others, establish better connections with people and foster peace and harmony.

In describing the key traits of good leadership, former Westpac CEO and managing director Gail Kelly said ”Generosity of spirit leads people to build diverse and flexible teams, be supportive of others, and not judge quickly. People who don’t practice generosity of spirit are black and white… negative people, binary. You don’t want people like that in your organisation. Humans can choose how to respond in every situation, use this to your advantage and choose to be positive.”

As compassionate human beings, we should promote a spirit of volunteerism (the use or involvement of volunteer labour, especially in community services) and philanthropy (the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes).

Giving is not only giving of our money to charities or people in need but also giving of our services, talents and time.

A person of generous spirit takes complete responsibility for their life. They do not blame others or circumstances for their problems. They step up and do the right thing even when it may be fraught with fear and conflict. Life challenges can indeed be tough and test the most generous of spirits. It takes courage to face one’s fears, stand on one’s own two feet and simply deal with the good and the bad head-on. By dealing with these things, and taking responsibility when you have made a mistake, you connect with your own humanity. This in turn helps you accept yourself and heightens your own self-esteem and self-respect.

When you are aware of what it takes to live a conscious life, you can respect others who attempt to do that too. You encourage their willingness to try, and you want them to succeed. This feeling is generosity of spirit. This feeling happens when you engage with others with an open heart and mind that flows freely and touches anyone who can feel it. It does not manipulate and has no strings attached.

Have you ever discovered that the more you give, the more you receive? It’s very satisfying to give, whether it is of your time, services or donations of money or essential items.

Personally, I regularly give to a number of charities – and there is nothing more fulfilling. I am so grateful that everyone in my family is healthy and thriving, so I love to give to those who really need assistance, and it’s all relative: The more money I make, the more money I give.

Generosity of spirit requires that you spend more energy looking at what is good and positive in someone than at what is considered bad or negative. Generosity of spirit embraces differences with acceptance.

People who are generous of spirit are genuinely happy for others’ good fortune irrespective of their own circumstances, no matter how dire they may be.

We should learn to better engage the world with a generosity of spirit where we greet people with an open mind, trust, honesty, empathy and compassion.

Being generous of spirit will go a long way toward you experiencing personal happiness and joy.

Think generous, then act generous.

If everyone went home each evening and treated the members of their family with generosity, the world would be a much better place. First, be aware of the opportunities that exist with the people currently in your life, and find ways to express generosity and have the willingness to act accordingly.

By demonstrating a spirit of generosity, you will definitely make a positive impression, perhaps even elicit affection, so that they will most likely be motivated to reciprocate. You are now the beneficiary of their generosity back to you.

While you may not be able to change the world, you can make a profound difference within your part of the world. Regularly practice your spirit of generosity with family, friends and colleagues and then continue with other people you encounter.

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